Centre for Investments Trade and Industry (citi-africa)

Centre for Investments Trade and Industry (citi-africa), Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, offers a comprehensive range of competent advocacy, research and analytics services on business and public investments, investment promotion, optimisation, protection and retention, trade facilitation and growth, industrial competitiveness and development and risk management tailored to provide value and promote economic development and resilient economies across Africa. Citi-Africa functions as an entity with all of its professionals and partners working together to compliment the efforts of client countries and businesses. The Company’s philosophy has always been to align the interests of its professionals, so that the accumulated knowledge and experience of the entire firm can be harnessed on behalf of the group.

Our partners and analysts develop models and identify practical solutions capable of tackling many challenges on investment promotion, trade growth, industry value chains, and financial and country risks, particularly in Africa. We have structured a competent advocacy platform through phases of research, analytics and solution design, to draw the attention of policy makers to pertinent issues and help ensure sufficient technical resources are available for redress.

Citi-Africa’s  mission is  to  generate wealth,  broadly  shared,  in African markets  and economies,  by  providing solution-centred competent advocacy, investment promotion, trade up-scale and growth, industrial development, research, and risk management expertise for business and public institutions for faster, optimal and more sustainable economic growth.

We are dedicated to serving as a force for veracity, first-rate judiciousness and intelligent solutions to the problems facing businesses, economies and public institutions in Africa today on issues involving investment optimisation, trade growth and industrial competitiveness.

Our partners, for instance, have been developing bespoke, innovative development and growth programmes to help several institutions and economies achieve progress and create wealth. Our strength comes from our ability to harness knowledge and experience of Africans and those with interest in Africa.


Investment Promotion

Investment Optimisation

Investment Analytics

Investment Generation

Investment Protection

Investment Retention

Investment Advocacy


Trade Facilitation

Trade Index

Trade Risk

Intra Africa Trade

Trade Missions

Market Integration

Trade Analytics

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Trade Information


Industrial Value Chain Development

Industry Profiles

Supply Chain Optimisation

Industry Interconnected Risks

Collective Efficiencies

Industrial Hubs

Industry Competitiveness


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